Car Snow Chains Anti-slip Tire Chains SUV Snow Tire Cables Emergency Car Chains Car Snow Cables Truck Tire Grip Straps Traction Mud Chains Snow Tire Chains for Tire Width: 185-295mm/7.2-11.6”

Car Security Chains Cable Traction Mud Chains Slush Chains Snow Tire Chains All Season Tire Anti-slip Chains for Cars 10PCs for Tire Width:185-295mm/7.2-11.6”

Note: we are the original first seller selling these car snow chains in 2016. Our chains have gained the DESIGN PATENTS and EVALUATION REPORT of UTILITY MODEL PATENT. Now there are many other sellers’ imitating this type of car snow chains. Protect IPR and choose the best authentic car snow chains! Thanks!

Our car snow chains can fit most cars, vans, trucks and provides a great grip on snow, sand, mud. No harm to car tires and endure cold weather and low temperature. No need to use lift jack or take down tires, men and women can set them up. There are 10 car snow chains( for tire width 185-295mm/7.2-11.6”). You can use on 2 wheels.

1.Easy to install without moving the vehicle
2.Through hub and the other end to tighten
3.Not install beside or on blow whole and break pads
4.Fast installation and removal in minutes

Warm reminding:
1.Maximum 40km/h
2.No slamming on brake, no sharp turn
3.For tire width: 185-295mm
4.Stop use if chain on cleats fall off
5.Not for iron wheels
6.Avoid unsnow-covered road, sharp edged objects, dry pavements or flat ground
7.Stop using when feel abnormal sounds
8.Warm water to wash after use
9.No use when chain wear is over 30%
10.Don’t install near charging opening
11.Refer to manual instruction when install

In all, car snow tire chains can’t guarantee everything. Carefulness is the most important during driving. Care life from every detail!

PS: Our firm has been doing automotive parts for many years. With much experience for selling, we choose the word-of-mouth auto parts to sell. We have our own factories and we monitor whole process. We aim at doing a famous business in the automotive market.
?Material of car snow chains?: Car chains are made of pure premium steel, thicken TPU, steel studs, aluminum alloy fastener. All the parts of the car chains are cold-resistant, no harm to tires, lower noise, wearable and tough, anti-aging, grip firmly, ultra safe; Greater durability than conventional tire chains or cables, which you will not regret buying
?Occasions of our car chains?: This anti-skip snow chains for cars work well and have high performance whether you are stuck in sand, mud, snow, ice, climbing or other emergent situations; Your car will get more traction in bad situation; cheaper alternative to snow chains
?Simple mounting and removal?: No need to take down tires. You can install our car chains by yourself without anyone’s help. You can refer to our car snow chains picture or installation manual. With adjustable straps, the car chains can be used on almost all tires. Better compatibility with car tires and offer a smooth ride; fast installation and removal in minutes, safe to use and affordable
?Car chains size and include?: 20*35cm/8*14”, fit most cars, SUV and trucks whose car tires width from 185-295mm/7.2-11.6”; 10pcs car snow tire anti-skid chains & portable packing bag & a pair of gloves are included; 5pcs on one tire, offering a smooth ride and better not on flat ground. If you need to pass mountain road or stone road, we recommend installing on four tires. On snowy days, you can install car chains on two tires.
?Difference and strengths?: 2018 Newest version, First seller, Big sale, Genuine car snow chains with UTILITY MODEL PATENT, Car’s must have, Necessary car accessories for driving and emergencies, 100% Refund if buyers are dissatisfied(We have confidence with our car snow chains). Our chains have been approved by ISO. They have also gained the DESIGN PATENTS and EVALUATION REPORT of UTILITY MODEL PATENT. All of these features will provide much more security for you, your family and your car

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