CzlpV 4 Pcs Black Tire Valve Stem Caps For Dodge Ram

Product Details
Product Status: Brand New
Color: Silver Chrome
Material: Zinc alloy
Type: Car Tire Valves Stem Cap
Installation: Direct installation
Beautiful high quality finish
Product Description
Logo: Dodge Ram | Color: Silver Chrome

Decorate your tires with Zinc alloy Valve Caps! These valve caps are anodized to improve their strength and durability. They are finished with a powder coating process to ensure the coloring stays with the appearance for longer period.

Stainless Alloy Valve Caps are made from high grade & light-weight Alloy. These heavy-duty caps help prevent air leakage and stop dust, dirt, and unwanted objects from damaging the tire cores.

Can replace the original bad valve cap of the tyre and also show the beauty characteristic of the tyre.

You can be confident to ride with style and safety by having a set of these Zinc alloy valve caps on your cars, trucks, & bikes!

Material: Zinc alloy
Set of 4 Caps
No Affect on Tire Balance

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