Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Blaze & the Monster Machines Tune-Up Tires, Pickle

Now your child can customize one of his favorite monster machine pals with tune-up tires pickle. Crusher’s loveable sidekick comes with two sets of unique wheels:  off-road tires and cheese tires (8 wheels total). the tires can easily be removed and re-attached, and the vehicle also comes with an add-on spoiler accessory piece that attaches to the back of the truck. With tune-up tires pickle, your child can explore the STEM principal of engineering. When you engineer something, you design a way to solve a problem, and then you build it. When swapping out each vehicle’s tires, your child is engineering new ways to get rolling. Tune-up tires pickle also includes a storage case that holds 4 tires and the accessory piece, and doubles as a tune-up station and ramp. Mix and match the tires and accessories between all the trucks in the assortment to customize your Blaze and the monster machines !    .Die-cast Pickle Monster truck with 8 mix & match tires
Also includes an attachable accessory piece
Storage case opens into tune-up platform and ramp
Mix and match all the tires in the assortment
Explore the STEM principle of engineering

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