Hypersonic Car Power Handle Spinner Steering Wheel Knob In

No more Rush No more mess. You can’t cross your both hands like braids.
1. There have two fixed points in the bracket fixing so that engage with the steeling wheel.
2. Install the bracket fixing at the right place.
3. According the thickness of steering wheel, you can use the rubber to assist you to install it.
4. Then align top cover and bottom cover.
5. Lock it by attached tool.
6. Confirm it’s been locked.
7. Item no.: HP2418-3
    Packing: high frequency
  Material: ABS
    Dimension of product: 5.5*5.5*5.6CM
    Dimension of packing: 18.7*10.8*6.5CM
    Net Weight: 143.5g
    Gross Weight: 163.5g
It’s easy for driving and manipulating the steeling wheel.
Effort-saving and more comfortable for driver.
The grip design of knob, when holding the knob, there is almost no gap between your palms and power handle, so that the effort force is more average.
The Surface treatment is delicate and high quality. It really goes well with all kinds of car interior, complement each other. It is also able to reduce the driver’s uncomfortable because of the long time driving. Type R power handle is suitable for long time driver or professional driver.
Reduce the resistance of steering to manipulate, no matter parking, small alley U-turn or back your car. It is easily to handle it, even though you use it by single hand in a crowded space. No more rush when emergency

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